Vintage Turkish Kilims

Kilims are flat (pileless), unknotted hand woven textiles used as floor and wall coverings. Kilim, a word of Turkish origin, is often applied in common usage both in Turkey and the world to all flat woven (pileless) rugs, but actually it denotes only those flat woven rugs which are made by a technique peculiar to kilims. Usually the warp (the length of kilim) is made of wool, and the weft (the width of kilim) of wool or cotton. The colored threads are completely woven into the kilim like a basket, making it reversible. Although the face may be distinguished from the reverse, the difference is so slight that either side may be used. 


Vintage Turkish Rugs

The carpet is a woven textile which is produced by knotting colored threads on the warp, compressed by the weft. The carpet is a gift from the Turkish people to world civilization. The knotted rug, the earliest samples of which have been found in Central Asia where the Turks used to live, is an art form discovered, developed and presented to the world by the Turks. 


Vintage Runner Kilims/Rugs 

Runners are narrow and long rugs that are usually placed in narrow spaces such as hallways, kitchens, entrances, etc. These lovely additions perfect for high traffic areas. Decorating your spaces while also reducing the likelihood of an accident and preventing floor damage in high-traffic areas. 


Mini Turkish Rugs/Kilims

Your best choice, fits everywhere, anywhere you like... Perfect as a doormat, bathmat, even as a yoga mat! 


Turkish Kilim Pillow Covers


Our production one of a kind kilim pillow covers are made from vintage kilims and rugs we sourced from villages all over Turkey.  Please contact us for wholesale inquiries.


Turkish Towels

The studies show that pestemal invented in Bursa, Turkey in the 17th century and is used in Turkish baths. Pestemals absorb water faster than standard towels and dry quicker. They are multi-purpose, take up less space and very light-weight to carry around. Other than as a bath towel, they can be used as a shawl or a blanket to keep you warm, a decorative throw for your couch or bed, as a tablecloth, and/or as a wrap for nursing.


Evil Eye Protection Amulets

Evil eye amulet (in Turkey known as Nazar boncugu) is an eye-shaped amulet believed to protect against evil eye. Carrying an evil eye protection at home or wearing it is believed to provide protection against evil forces. The belief in eye dates back almost 3000 years to ancient times. It is one of the famous and strongest symbolic images in the world and, believed in nearly every religion such as Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism. The best giftables, looking fabulous especially as a wall hanging decoration while protecting you and your spaces.

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Suzani Throws

Handmade vintage embroidered Suzani throws. Decorative vintage textile that can be used as wall hanging, throw, bed/table spread or blanket.