Our Story

Wild Shaman is the brainchild of Istanbul Natives, Yesim & Emre. Their mission is to bring the hidden gems of historic places in Turkey to the world stage. 

Yesim worked as a flight attendant for Turkish Airlines for over a decade and traveled the world extensively during that time. Along the way, collecting unique apparel, textiles, and other treasures from around the world became her passion. She comes from a long line of collectors. Her grandmother had her endless collection of old rugs and antique furniture, while her mother maintained a boutique collection of rare and exclusive antiques. Both women a nurtured a shared appreciation for this aesthetic in Yesim.

Emre studied  Performing Arts and Art History in London. He began selling vintage rugs and kilims to his classmates, and as the word got out, his rugs began to grace the studios of some of the most dynamic artists in the London scene. He became deeply interested in the history of Turkic shamanic cultures, and their connection to the beautiful patterns, shapes, and colors that have become the mainstays of Kilim rugs. Emre continues to expand his knowledge of Kilim and weaving history and is always happy to share his wealth of knowledge with those interested in learning.

Yesim & Emre met in Istanbul in 2008 and married two years later. In 2013, the couple decided that they wanted to experience a new land, and a new culture.  After several long debates, sleepless nights, and a few dozen bottles of wine, they decided to move to Portland, Oregon. 

April of 2016 saw the birth of Wild Shaman, and the couple's apparel line: Ish-Chi. Both brands strive to provide uniquely curated finds from both Turkey and their new home in the U.S. 

Thank you for your interest in Wild Shaman. We hope our products will enchant you.